Month: May 2014

Reproductive Rights Are Human Rights

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Today I attended and spoke at a rally to commemorate the first anniversary of Dr. Henry Morgentaler’s death and to call for improved access to abortion for Maritimers. It was also a rally meant as an expression of solidarity with reproductive justice advocates in New Brunswick who are pushing back against the imminent closure of the Morgentaler Clinic. I also think it’s important to publicly discuss some of the issues that exist with the pro […]

Anti-porn is anti-sex worker

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Throughout the history of sex worker activism, those who support rights and safety for sex workers have had to push back against feminists who seek to make their careers off of sex workers’s backs. Anti-porn academic Gail Dines is in Halifax this week, speaking at a conference– Emergent Learning–that you, too, can attend for $300. The cost of the conference is extremely restrictive to most, let alone the survival sex workers in Halifax who should […]